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Educational Technology


Welcome to the Ed. Tech section of my website.

I've been persuing a part-time Masters Degree in Educational Technology at Concordia University since January 2016.  My objective is to apply my previous knowledge and experience in the field of Business and Media and merge it with the field of Educational Technology.  


I've worked as a media producer and journalist for many years. Today, I'm running my production company Symage Media, which allowed me to develop exciting projects and create solid relationships with clients and partners. 


Eventually, I would like to develop my own educational projects and offer educational/training solutions as part of my services. 


Why Ed. Tech?


When I decided to persue an M.A. in Educational Technology, I had one imperative:  this masters had to absolutely be practical, relevant to today's market reality and applicable to my business. And so far, I always found a way to make it fit.


In Project Management class, I learned the methodology and tools of managing multiple people and projects. 


My Instructional Design course allowed me to create instructional and training material I'm using today in my Business. I created a job aid for my assistants so they can better work on the post-production aspect of my projects. 


In my Consulting class, I revamped my business plan and had it validated by my professor. 

I also had the chance to hone my consulting skills and apply them with my own clients. 

In Human Performance Technology class, I had the opportunity to work on a project with a classmate, who became an invaluable partner.  I learned to better identify a problem by asking the right questions and select solutions based on specific criteria.

The project I presented consisted of identifying a performance problem, conduct a thorough needs analysis and present solutions and prioitize them.

The outcome resulted in the following three projects:


Performance Needs Analysis

High Level Design



In my Message Design class, I had the chance to collaborate with a soild team, Soledad and Mitra to redesign the message embedded in one of our client's products.  We had a real case situation and our mandate as consultants was to perform a gap analysis and offer recommendations.  

This experience allowed us to think outside of the box and develop innovative solutions based on learning and marketing theories, and present infront of a commitee. The following Needs Analysis document is a result of this collaboration.
























This section of my website is a begining of a conversation about Ed Tech. I am excited to update it as I go,  showcase my educational projects and reflect my progress in this new exciting field.  


Since I started this Masters 18 months ago,  I had the chance to reflect on the field of educational technology and how it's evolving, expose myself to various learning theories, work with teammates with different personality styles, speak with authority and confidence on several subjects pertaining to education, share my knowledge in the field of business and media, present in front of clients and stakeholders, and apply this knowledge to my own practice. 


I invite you to navigate this website as well as my production company's website Symage Media to view a collection of my work.  

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