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Journalist. Media Producer. World Traveler.

Conferences & Workshops

Concordia University Journalism Department

Invited to speak to graduate journalsim student about media diversity and citizen journalism in Canada.

Réseau de l'Action Bénévole du Québec

Presented the TV series that I produced ''Petits gestes, grand impacts'' and talked about the importance of civil action.

Institut du Nouveau Monde

Recruited 12 journalism students and taught them how to cover events and produce mutli platform original media. I also hosted a panel discussion with professional journalists in TV, print and radio to discuss the current state of journalism. 

United Nations Association of Canada

Guest panelist on media diversity and citizen journalism.

Radio Canada International

Regular guest and radio commentator in different subjects pertaining to life in Canada.

Télé Ontario

Invited to speak on interreligious dialogue in Canada.

Arab World Festival

Invited to participate to a panel discussion on the arab spring .  

Joint event with Radio-Canada.

Canadian Muslim Forum

Invited to offer a media training workshop.

Intercultural Dialogue Institute

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Leave Out Violence

Invited to give a media workshop to a group of at-risk youth.


Invited to present the series ''Me, the Muslim Next Door'' and talk about the integration of young Canadian Muslims.

Compagnie F

Invted to join a panel discussion on women in business and talked about media intrepreneurship. 

Marie-Victorin College

Invited to speak about immigration and the Arab heritage.

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