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Journalist. Media Producer. World Traveler.

Oussayma is an award-winning Canadian journalist based in Montreal.

She has produced hundreds of pieces for radio, TV, and the web. Oussayma worked on a wide range of subjects from Canada, the US, the Middle East, North Africa, East Asia and South East Asia. Oussayma has also produced several TV series and Web documentaries. 

Her work has been featured on national and international media outlets, including CBC/Radio-Canada, Radio Canada International, CBC.CA, Al Jazeera, AP, Deutsche Welle Radio, Huffington Post, AJ+, Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, SNTV, Bell Local, Châtelaine, Les Affaires, the Montreal Gazette and CUTV.  She also trained and mentored journalism students and aspiring media makers.

Oussayma has been awarded the Lys de la Diversité Prize for web-journalism in 2013. She's also the recipient of LOJIQ journalism bursary.  Oussayma has also been nominated for one of CBC/Radio-Canada President's award in 2012 for her web-documentary. 

Oussayma studied Business and Journalism at Concordia University, she's travelled to more than 40 countries and also works as an interpreter in English, French, Arabic and Spanish. 


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